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Telecommunications Billing and Carrier Services Audit

Providing High Value to you

ClientFirst Consulting Group‘s vendor-independent consultants have been working with clients to identify telecommunications and information technology challenges and implement cost-saving solutions for many years. 

Our project approach and methodology has proven time and time again to provide the highest degree of value, results and integration with our Client’s staff.  Our approach is to collaborate with our client and to work as a member of your team, specifically focused on your organization’s telecommunications billing, services, and cost reduction. 

True Independence 

ClientFirst is a truly independent consulting firm.  We do not resell equipment, systems or software.  Therefore, there is no risk that our analysis will be biased in any way towards certain solutions, vendors or equipment.

Our clients say we excel in these areas:

  • Lowering costs
  • Operational Consulting
  • Building consensus throughout the organization
  • Educating staff
  • Change management
  • Accounting practices and systems

Actual Savings Examples

EducationHighest $120K AnnualLowest $9.6K Annual
GovernmentHighest $55M AnnualLowest $49K Annual
Not-For-ProfitHighest $263K AnnualLowest $9.7K Annual
Health CareHighest $42M AnnualLowest $8K Annual
Financial InstitutionsHighest $141K AnnualLowest $6.1K Annual
ManufacturingHighest $107K AnnualLowest $41K Annual
HospitalityHighest $254K AnnualLowest $4.7K Annual
Clients recover our fee within the first month in 75% of our
engagements and 10 times our fee in 20% of our engagements.