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Disaster Recovery Planning

ClientFirst consultants have been developing, implementing, and testing Disaster Recovery plans since the firm’s beginning. Our knowledge of and familiarity with Disaster Recovery planning for local governments leads to superior strategy and implementation plans.

Our Process

Disaster Recovery Kit -> Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) -> Recovery System Implementation -> DRP Testing -> Ongoing DRP Updates

How We Work

Our team approaches projects as a partnership between IT staff and management, working together to build a shared vision.

and Practical

Our streamlined development process enhances efficiency and effectiveness. We tailor our approach to fit your budget constraints and support your interests throughout the entire project lifecycle.


We do not resell products or maintain relationships that would result in any add-on profit margins or referral fees. Our team of independent consultants ensure your best interests are kept in mind, providing unbiased perspective and recommendations.

Customized To Your Needs
We help you answer:

  • What types of disasters should we prepare for?
  • What are our critical applications for Disaster Recovery?
  • Within what timeframe do our critical applications need to be recovered?
  • What technologies should we consider for recovery in the event of a disaster?
  • How much will disaster recovery cost based on our business requirements?

Beginning to End:
We Support Your Success

  • Validated Application and Systems Inventory
  • Disaster Recovery Prioritizations
  • Phased, Multi-Year Budgets
  • Prioritized, Multi-Year Timelines
  • Immediate Next-Step Requirements

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