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Incident Response Planning

Since our inception, ClientFirst has assisted local government agencies with comprehensive incident response planning consulting services. You can expect that our plans will be practical and provide step-by-step guidance for responding to various cybersecurity incidents. Enhance public trust through an efficient and transparent incident response plan.

Robust and Reliable Plan Built Around Organizational Needs

Our Incident Response Plan covers numerous areas of the organization. It provides comprehensive support and safeguards sensitive data and critical infrastructure:

Workshops / Training

  • Staff interviews and in-depth workshops and simulation exercises
  • Review of technology infrastructure documentation
  • Knowledge transfer from consulting team to organization


  • Review baseline cybersecurity response criticality tiers and actions

Key Recommendations

  • Definition of criticality tiers
  • Application systems priorities
  • Organization communication requirements
  • IT Systems Incident Response Plan

Organizational Response

  • Attack mitigation steps
  • Tasks necessary to return to normal operations

Why Choose ClientFirst

In an ever-changing landscape, preparedness is key.

Local Government Focused

Tailored Solutions

Collaborative Approach


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