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Digital Transformation

ClientFirst has been assisting with digital transformation for years

Digital transformation represents a cultural shift toward leveraging technology to improve operations and provide service seamlessly to a wide range of stakeholders, whether internal staff or citizens.

It is a force multiplier, increasing the effectiveness of staff through application software utilization and change management.

Agencies who utilize digital transformation evaluate outdated processes and legacy technology and determine cost effective ways to improve.

ClientFirst Technology Consulting has over 30 years experience in IT planning focused on growth.

To make the most of technology investments, a digital transformation plan is a long-term investment requiring collaboration between all agency stakeholders, with the end result being improved service delivery, transparency, and citizen engagement. Improved use of software applications makes agency operations more efficient and productive and extends automation and communication benefits to citizens.

Transform Your Agency

IT modernization is a key objective for our agency clients. Reliance on aging infrastructure, legacy systems, “shadow” systems, and semi-manual or fully manual processes inhibits their ability to meet performance and citizen services improvement objectives. Security risk and exposure is also of utmost concern.

ClientFirst works collaboratively with the agency stakeholder teams to create a vision, build consensus, develop a Technology Master Plan, set priorities, and align business objectives and budgets. Results include council approval, funded initiatives, and expertly managed execution. Often the realized savings achieved through careful planning and implementation of technologies and systems actually fund projects.

Products and Services
Management Consulting
Digital Transformation Strategic Planning;Technology Planning;IT Assessments;Smart Technology Planning;Project Management;Contract Negotiations;RFP Development;Technology Governance Training
Telecommunications Consulting
Bill Audit / Cost Savings;Project Management;VOIP Design and Assessment;Procurement and Contract Negotiations
Applications Consulting
Enterprise Application Consulting;Business Process Reviews;Implementation Project Management;Procurement and RFP Services;Contract Negotiation
Assessments and Reviews;Disaster Recovery;Incident Response Plans;Intrusion / Penetration Testing
IT Infrastructure
Networking;Data Center Design;Virtual and CIO Services;Procurement Management
Technology Planning and Assessments
Strategic and Master Plans;IT Staffing Reviews;Virtual and CIO Services;Technology Governance

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