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Community Development
Technology Consulting

ClientFirst streamlines community development applications by prioritizing business needs, implementing cost-effective technology solutions, and optimizing operational efficiency. Our approach focuses on identifying key processes, setting clear objectives, and efficiently managing tasks to ensure sustainable and tailored solutions for organizations.

Our Team of Experts Can Help:

  • Reduce the risk of a troubled implementation
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Provide Independent and objective analysis
  • Educate and provide knowledge transfer
  • Effective contract negotiations
  • Improve implementation readiness

Tailored Expertise

Our solutions are designed around your needs, which ensures more effective and sustainable outcomes. We provide:

Project Management and Consulting

  • Public Portal Design and Optimization
  • Process Review and Redesign
  • New System Selection and Procurement Management
  • Electronic Plan Review Implementation Assistance
  • Implementation Project
  • Change Management Best Practices
  • Integration Assistance
  • Data Conversion Assistance
  • Employee Training
  • Report Writing

Department Level Support

  • Planning
  • Building
  • Public Works
  • Engineering
  • Code Enforcement
  • Business Licensing
  • Fire and Police
  • GIS

Our Recommendations Are:

Cost Effective




Balanced Due Diligence

The level of due diligence directly impacts the likelihood of successful project implementation and risk management. Unfortunately, the standard industry approach often lacks adequate due diligence.

We evaluate existing system’s alignment with your business processes, pinpointing deficiencies and architect solutions. We also develop RFP/RFI documents, screen vendors, evaluate proposals, oversee demonstrations, negotiate contracts, and manage implementations.

Increased RiskTypical Industry Approach

Feature/Function Specifications
General requirements

(same for all)

Vendor Recommendations

Risk ReducedClientFirst Approach

Process Reviews Feature/Function
Specifications to requirements

Change Management

Vendor Recommendations

Community Development Services

ClientFirst strives to support agencies by providing services and expertise that fill knowledge and resource gaps not available.

Public Portal Improvements
  • Functionality Needs Assessment
  • Process Review & Redesign
  • Website Integration Optimization
Implementation Assistance
  • Project Management
  • Conversion Assistance
  • Ad Hoc Report Writing
  • Integration/Interfaces
  • Testing Plan Creation
Business Process Reviews
  • Business Case Analysis Assessment & Recommendations
  • Process & Workflow Analysis
Application Improvement
  • Gap Analysis & Improvement Planning Assessment of Functionality, Training, Support, & Reporting Needs
  • RFI Documentation
  • Vendor Proposal Review
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Change Management & Risk Assessments
  • Implementation Assistance
Software Selection
  • Feature/Function Requirements
  • RFP Development
  • Vendor Analysis & Evaluation
  • Demonstration Facilitation
  • Contract Review & Negotiation
  • Implementation Risk Assessment

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