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Virtual and CIO Services

Our consultants understand the unique needs, processes, protocols, and political nuances involved in the Information Technology industry, especially as it applies to local government. This understanding and experience ensures that strategies and recommendations are focused and practical. Sometimes organizations find themselves needing help with leadership and looking for additional long-term support. This is where we can help.

Instantly access decades of IT experience at a fraction
of the cost of full-time staffing

The Benefits of Hiring a Virtual CIO

When it comes to your IT environment, leaving things to chance without a top-level strategy sets yourself up for failure. Many organizations have IT departments that work extraordinarily hard and do a fantastic job. The problem comes down to one key resource: time. Putting out fires, training new skills, and strategically looking forward is difficult when the day-to-day tasks are all consuming.
IT Staffing Needs Assessments
Operational Reviews
Interim IT Management
Project Management
Contract Negotiations
Supplemental IT Staffing / Permanent Part-Time IT Director / CFO

Our Approach

Using a business management perspective enables the layperson to understand the technology issues,
strategies, and potential solutions in order to make well-informed business decisions.

  • Supplement existing staff, short- or long-term
  • Provide strategic or budgetary advisory
  • Align IT operations with business objectives
  • Procure effective technology solutions
  • Manage vendors and negotiate contracts
  • Identify security risks
  • Bring systems into compliance with industry best practices
  • Guide or remediate projects

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